Thursday, August 5, 2010

D is for dragonfly

So here is what's been going on with us.

To celebrate our first anniversary (yea!) the wife and I took a trip to Wisconsin. Our original goal was to stay in and around the Wisconsin Dells, but we quickly discovered that it just wasn't our kind of scene. We opted for the more outdoorsy areas, including a wonderful park at Devil's Lake. While hiking around the lake, we ran into a very distinguished gentleman who Lauren claims to be Michael Pollan, though I remain doubtful.

We had two animal encounters, both very different. We stopped by a big cat rescue shelter, which was amazing! 30 or so beautiful tigers, lion, and leopards, being cared for by a staff that obviously loved them, and all the visitors we talked with were very respectful and awed by these animals. You had the option of buying the cats a frozen chicken, a watermelon, or a cardboard box full of pine branches and sprayed with cologne (tiger cat-nip). It was a wonderful experience.

Our other animal experience was at a reptile exhibit (meaning an overpriced private zoo) in the tourist area of the dells. There were alligators, various snakes, and a few exotic frogs. Like the big cat shelter, you could feed the alligators, only this time, you could feed them live mice. Now, let me preface this by saying that I understand that reptiles eat mice, and I feel that is perfectly natural. However, there was a father with his two daughters, and his display of blood-lust was revolting. He continuously made comments about how the alligators weren't playing with the mice long enough, and how he wanted to see them suffer. That was enough to put a damper on the experience, and we left pretty quickly.

We also sampled the local cuisine (cheese) at the Madison farmers market. There were a few Amish gentlemen selling vegetables and such, and I was so impressed with their facial hair, I cut my beard to match!

I don't think Lauren is a big fan.