Wednesday, September 1, 2010


dear readers,

you should probably know that i shaved my head. i never would have imagined how prominent my temple muscles are when i chew! wow!

the pic above is from a park in caseyville, IL, where kyle and i spent the day hiking and with our baby girl and then got ice cream!

the pic below is from lollapalooza, chicago. a few friends and i embarked upon a sleepless adventure of driving the 4 hrs there in the morning, going to the LADY GAGA SHOW (!!!!) and then driving back that night, perhaps, we imagined, after an evening of dancing in Boys Town. unfortunately, things did not go exactly as we had imagined they might, and after the show we ended up getting lost in a park surrounded by prostitutes.

as i'm sure you can imagine, the show was completely worth it.

the fall semester has started and i am teaching english 101 as well as taking grad classes. i am fairly certain that these next few months will gradually turn me into a quiet sort of alcoholic, not the kind that has lots of friends and phenomenal stories but the kind who weeps into her hot tea splashed with plenty of irish cream at 2 pm while grading a massive stack of papers. i am getting stress-fat and in the process of forgetting how to have fun.

to end on a more happy note: kyle and i have nearly finished watching every episode of every season of THE GOLDEN GIRLS. this is particularly exciting for me because I did not grow up with parents who believed in television, and this will be the first t.v. show i will have ever seen all the way through!

oh yes. i would also like to announce that i am the proud mother of a mannequin head. His name is Joseph. He is quite fond of nursing Kyle. QUITE fond.

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