Monday, July 5, 2010

In the beginning....

lauren's post:

kyle and i just spent over an hr researching names for this site--or rather, i spent over an hr frantically pouring though books for images and pretty word combinations while kyle looked up land we can't afford yet. in the end we decided to go simple, and didn't use any of the passages i had so passionately collected. expect them to come up later for picture captains.

here is a brief collage of us:

more pics of us to come. probably with captains i will spend hours picking out to find the most absolute most fitting and most meaningful words only to have kyle tell me it looks completely random like it just came out of whatever book i'm currently reading

kyle and i have been married for just over 11 months now. we had a traditional church wedding although we are discovering more and more that we are not that type of couple.

we enjoy reading together--we take turn reading the classics aloud, articles about religion, and when i'm lucky, at night he reads me children's stories until i fall asleep.

i am currently in graduate school, halfway finished with my M.A. in creative writing--specializing in poetry. This fall I will begin teaching introductory college courses for the first time. I enjoy dying my hair weird colors and I love sunflowers. this is what my hair looks like right now:

this is Frankenstein, our shit tzu puppy. she was born while we were on our honeymoon, to my parents dog. We named her such because I was threatening to have my name changed to Frankenstein but my mother was so appalled we compromised and gave the name to the puppy instead. It proved to be a fitting name. we love her more than almost ANYTHING.
my recent activities include pridefest, a naked bideride in st louis to protest oil, reading "Satanic Verses" by Salman Rushdie, and making almond- golden raisen scones from scratch.

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  1. Loving this so far :) I need more pictures for my blog...I LOVE that you guys have so many pictures on yours!! LOVE YOU! Christy