Friday, July 9, 2010

U is for UNICORN

step one: pick berries: this is the harvest kyle and i picked at the xcountry courses! gooseberries, blackberries, and garlic!

step 2: create pie. put in oven

step 3: bake pie!!!!!! take out of oven!!!!

step 4: eat pie! perferrably with vanilla bean ice cream

yes, kyle and i have begun scavenging for food and yes i baked my first homemade pie! oh my i am domesticated now for sure! n_n

Sadly one of my dermals started rejecting and kyle had to cut it out. according to him i was a "pussy." so this is me, sans makeup, laying in bed bleeding from just above my collarbone where there used to be a piercing, and pondering what to do with the dermal that is on the other is lonely and lopsided without one the one i had removed! i love it dearly and don't want to remove it but i am feeling a bit too unsymmetrical right now.


the pepper plant is beginning to sprout baby bell peppers! this is so exciting it's almost like i'm giving birth via the plant. you know, watching the plant change, waiting expectantly for the fruit it will soon bear....

the balcony life--where kyle and i spend quite a bit of time, reading, drinking wine, eating cheese, getting yelled at by jerks out of their speeding cars.

upside down cherry tomato grower! CHIVES! Parsley!

in other news: my friend christy and i watched a documentary on women's bodies in advertising the other night. i think we were both expecting it to be a bit lame, more of what we have already heard: sex is not the same as gender, let's talk about what is biological verses sociological, etc.....but it was not that AT ALL! it was very revealing about aspects neither christy or i had even considered, extremly poignant and disturbing and has left me in a complete funk for two days since. if anyone is interested, the name of it is "The Codes of Gender"

in OTHER other news, kyle and i recently lost the lottery. we are both extremly upset about this. we were planning on going for a trip to italy and then coming back to live in the country and raise our own food, chickens, fruit trees, a vegetable garden, and goats included. we think it's sad that you have to get rich in order to live a simpler life.

this is me and an old friend from literally gradeschool. we got together to drink chocolate wine and dress up as animals this week. as you can see, she is a fish. and i am a unicorn.

and here is a pic of me and another friend, me: still a unicorn. her: a narwhale. we are engaging in an epic battle of forehead horns, land and sea.

alright, well i have been sitting here typing and pasting pics with orange dye in my's probably way past time to rinse so i guess i'm headed to the shower.



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